Stephan Schrock thanks new team United City for role in saving PFL season

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STEPHAN Schrock said he felt a sense of responsibility to stay in the Philippines and play for United City FC instead of going abroad amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The skipper of the newly-minted Philippines Football League (PFL) champion UCFC was among those hit hard by the pandemic, left jobless after Ceres-Negros FC closed shop.

Schrock had some options abroad but when Ceres was able to transfer the ownership of the club to United City, Schrock decided to stay and also asked his Busmen teammates to stay for another shot at the PFL crown.

“It was more or less my responsibility inside the country and the football community,” said Schrock in an interview with The John Dykes Show on FOX Sports Asia to look back at the successful run of United City in the 2020 PFL season.

“I would have left the country, people would leave left and right. We were able to maintain the core of the team. I spoke to literally everyone in the club who is signed currently with United City to stay to give it another year and it was fruitful,” Schrock said.

It was indeed a successful journey for Schrock’s United City, which topped the shortened 2020 season of the PFL.

UCFC won four of the possible five matches to take the league crown with Schrock also winning the Golden Ball.

Schrock thanked UCFC for taking over the club and lauded its efforts.

“Fantastic news. Clubs, league, the football in general is more or less unstable. With the new ownership, they have something that looks very, very stable. European-like stable. It’s something that all clubs can look up to. The federation is very happy. The league is happy.”

“We are grateful. We don’t forget that five months ago, we were unemployed, no league, no nothing. United City Football Club played a major role in this year’s football league that continued even though the pandemic is still in full force,” said Schrock.

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