United City FC unveils plan to build 10,000-seat home field

UNITED City Football Club (UCFC) on Thursday announced it is planning to build a new venue that will serve not only as a home turf of the club but also an entertainment hub.

Called as its ‘Field of Dreams,’ the club is now studying at possible locations for its venue being described as a “sports and entertainment destination”

The club plans to start building the venue in 2021 in time for the following year’s Philippines Football League (PFL) season.

“We are actively studying our shortlisted locations in order to announce the new home of UCFC by early January while in the meantime we are openly inviting new partner discussions to join the project,” said the club in its Facebook page.

The club’s home turf is planning to have a capacity of 10,000 fans with the venue also being targeted as a shopping, dining, and entertainment hub.

“This is a team-effort and we look forward to receiving the help and support needed to break ground in 2021 and kick the first ball during the 2022 PFL season,” wrote the club.

UCFC will make its debut in this year’s PFL season after obtaining the ownership of the club from Ceres-Negros FC.

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