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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

United City FC announces its first official registered members fan club, United's Lady Reapers, also the first all-women football fan club in the history of Philippine football.

Founded by Jill Mirador, Kaye Altamia & Jen Yanson, who have been tremendous supporters of former Ceres-Negros FC, United’s Lady Reapers mission is to support the UCFC football team and continually promote football and personal excellence within the fan club that celebrates a life-long love of football in a caring, respectful, and supportive environment.

"We are excited to announce the first UCFC Fan Club, which turns out also to be the first-ever Philippines Ladies only Football Fan Club over. A big thank you, congratulations, and welcome to the UCFC family to Jen, Kaye, and Jill, who have worked very hard for the past few weeks to pull this off. Please send them a big shout-out for being our Ambassadors from Bacolod and ask them to share their vision for the Fan Club and how other female football enthusiast can get involved in promoting football in general and of course, UCFC." states Eric M. Gottschalk, President of UCFC.

"We believe that football is more than just a game. We believe it to be a way that empowers

people to succeed on and off the field. We are proud to be strong supporters of such an endeavor. We were supporters of the Ceres-Negros team and following the name change, we of course continue to support the team in any way we can" says Jill Mirador, President of United’s Lady Reapers.

If you are interested in joining United's Lady Reapers fan club, message them on these accounts:

Facebook page: United's Lady Reapers

Instagram: @Unitedladyreapers

Twitter: @LadyReapers

To form your own Fan Club, check this link for the requirements: https://www.unitedcityfootballclub.com/fanclubs and email info@unitedcityfootballclub.com

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